How To Place Desktop Icons Anywhere On Windows 7/8/10/11


Sometimes we want to move desktop icons anyplace with windows 10, but we can’t on Windows 10. If your desktop icons are overlapping windows 7, you can keep from relocating. By following the procedure, you can fix the problem with a laptop screen. It’s also possible to move icons on the lock PC and align them to the grid.

move desktop icons anywhere windows 10

Table of Contents
How to fix desktop icons
How to move desktop icons anywhere windows 10 \sFAQs
How can I put the icons on the left side of my desktop?
Why can’t I rearrange desktop icons?
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How to fix desktop icons
If you are missing desktop icons on your device, you need to repair the problem to make icons visible. Here is an easy technique to follow.

Open a screen
Right-click from anywhere on your device
Click the View option
Now you can see a few alternatives
Check check Show Desktop Icon and mark it
Now you can see the icon is displayed.
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How to move desktop icons anywhere windows 10
It’s easy to move desktop icons anyplace windows easily. You have to check a setting.

Right-click from anywhere
Click to the view
Mark align icons to grid
When you click on there, you can move icons anywhere on the windows. If you wish to retain it between the two rows, drag it to the exact spot.

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FAQs \sIn this part, I have added a few most asked questions addressing this topic.

How can I put the icons on the left side of my desktop?
It’s easy to set the symbols on the left side. All you need is click Ctrl + A buttons to mark all icons. After chosen, you may easily drug it using the mouse.

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Why can’t I rearrange desktop icons?
If you can’t move icons, there is something that went wrong with the settings. You can solve this problem via the control panel.

solve can’t move desktop icons in windows 10 issue

If you are unable to or cannot change desktop icons in Windows 11/10 then this guide is likely to help you. In this post, we will show how to fix the issue. Like many users, you might have also had this issue that when you drag n drop certain desktop icon(s) or shortcuts from one location to another, the icons aren’t relocated and bounced back to their original placements and Windows automatically arranges desktop icons.

solve can’t move desktop icons in windows 10 issue

Can’t rearrange desktop icons in Windows 11/10
Here are a few things you could do to remedy the issue:

Test the mouse or touchpad
Uncheck Auto organize icons
Uninstall any desktop organizer software
Reset Folder Options
Change Display Resolution
Set scaling size for text, apps, etc
Change desktop icon size
Change icon spacing using Registry
Turn off Allow themes to update desktop icons
Update Graphics Driver.
1] Test mouse or touchpad
test mouse or touchpad

This basic test is helpful to check if your mouse or laptop touchpad is working well. You will be able to find if the left and right mouse buttons and middle-click or scroll wheel is working or not.

Open Notepad and then write some text. After that, select the text with the left mouse button, and make a right-click to check if you’re able to open right-click context menus. You can also scroll up and down to test your mouse wheel. If all the buttons are working, your mouse or touchpad is OK. Otherwise, you need change your mouse.

2] Uncheck Auto organize icons
Can’t rearrange desktop icons in Windows 10

This is the most likely explanation behind the error when Windows users are not able to change desktop icons. When the auto-arrange option is set on, the icons are relocated to their placements automatically as soon as you try to adjust their positions. You can turn it off using the following steps:

Right-click on an empty region of the desktop \sAccess View menu
Uncheck Auto arrange icons option in the context menu.
This should solve your problem.

3] Uninstall any desktop organizer software
If you have installed some third-party program to manage desktop shortcuts and icons, then that can be the reason that you can’t change icons on the desktop in Windows 10. So, you should delete that software and reboot your PC to see if the problem is solved.

Open Settings app using Win+I hotkey and open Apps & features area to discover and uninstall such an application.

4] Reset Folder Options
Reset folder options

This strategy is also useful to solve this issue for many customers. What you need to do is reset Folder settings to default mode. For that, use these steps:

Open This PC using Win+E hotkey \sAccess View menu and click on Options
In the General tab of the Folder Options window, click on Restore Defaults
In the View tab of Folder Options, click on the Reset Folders button
Press Apply and OK buttons to save the changes.
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5] Change Display Resolution \sdisplay resolution windows 11

To do this:

Open Windows 11 Settings
Click on System settings
Select Display from the right side
Scroll down till you see Display resolution
From the drop-down select the screen resolution you desire.
Windows 10 user?

adjust display resolution

Access Settings program (Win+I), go to System category and open Display page. There you will be able to alter the display resolution. Set the resolution to the recommended size.

6] Set scaling size for text, apps, etc.

(Windows 11)

Changing the scale size for text, apps, and other items might also help in fixing this issue. Open the Settings app and access the Display page. On the right-hand section, set scaling to 100% (Recommended) size for text, apps, etc.

If desktop icons not moving using the recommended scale, then you can set custom scaling. For that, click on the Advanced scaling settings tab and specify a custom scaling size between 100%-500%.

In Windows 10 the Settings are here-

modify scale for text, applications, etc

And here-

enter custom scaling size to address desktop icons not moving problem

Apply the adjustments, sign out, and sign in again to your Windows 10 PC to see the change.

7] Change desktop icon size
If there are a lot of icons on the desktop and their size is set to huge, then those desktop icons cover the entire desktop. In that instance, you are not able to move desktop icons. So, simply change their size to medium or small. For this, right-click on the empty area of the desktop, then enter the View menu to modify the size.

8] Change icon spacing using Registry
adjust icon spacing using registry

If there is too much spacing set between desktop icons, then also icons won’t move. For such a circumstance, you need to utilize Registry Editor to alter icon size for desktop shortcuts. As it involves a Registry edit, you should establish a system restore point or backup Registry to overcome undesirable changes.

Open Registry Editor and then access the WindowMetrics key. The path is:

HKEY CURRENT USER\Control Panel\Desktop\

On the right panel, double-click on the IconSpacing string value. Note down the default value data (which is -1128) so that you can utilize it later. Now enter any value between -2730 and 480. The higher the value, the larger will be icon spacing. Set value data and save it.

Now restart your PC to apply the modifications. You might need to adjust numbers numerous times until you get the perfect spacing for your desktop icons.

9] Turn off enable themes to update desktop icons
Can’t rearrange desktop icons in Windows

It can be conceivable that some theme installed on your Windows 10 PC is producing the difficulty that you are not able to rearrange desktop icons. So, you should block themes from modifying desktop icons by entering Desktop Icon Settings.

This is how it looks in Windows 10:

prohibit themes from modifying desktop icons

10] Update Graphics Driver
If your Graphics Drivers are outdated, this might also cause the problem that desktop icons are not moving. So, you should update Graphics Drivers that might cure this problem.

These are the options that have helped users to fix this problem. Hope some of these fixes will assist you too.


How do I freely place desktop icons anywhere?
Kindly right click on an empty space on your desktop, click View and uncheck both Auto arrange Icons and Align Icons to Grid. Now try to arrange your icons to preferred location then do a restart to check if it will go back to the normal arrangement before.



How do I move desktop icons freely?
To arrange icons by name, type, date, or size, right-click a blank area on the desktop, and then click Arrange Icons. Click the command that indicates how you want to arrange the icons (by Name, by Type, and so on). If you want the icons to be automatically arranged, click Auto Arrange.