How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender Real Time Protection on Windows 10/11


In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to permanently disable Windows defender real time protection on Windows 10.

Go to the left bottom corner of your desktop and click on windows icon.

The start menu will pop up. You can see a small gear, above the same windows icon, click on it.

It opens a Windows Settings tab. Go to ‘Update & Security’.

Select ‘Windows security’ from the left side menu.

Click on ‘Open Windows Security’. Choose ‘Virus& Threat protection’ from the left side list. Look for ‘Virus & threat protection settings’. Click on ‘Manage settings’. Turn the switch off next to Real-time protection option. Click on ‘yes’ in the pop-up window.

Go to taskbar search and type ‘regedit’. Click on ‘Registry Editor’ to open. Click on ‘yes’ in the pop-up window. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. Go to SOFTWARE folder. Look for Policies and open Microsoft. Right-click on the Windows defender folder. Select ‘New-Key’. Name it ‘Real-Time Protection’. Right-click on the right side of the window and select ‘New Value’.

Name it ‘DisableRealtimeMonitoring’. Double-click on the file. Set Value data to 1. Click ‘Ok’. Click on the Windows defender icon at the taskbar. Look for ‘Virus & threat protection settings’.

Click on ‘Manage settings’. You can see the real time protection is now disabled permanently.



Turn off Defender antivirus protection in Windows Security
  1. Select Start and type “Windows Security” to search for that app.
  2. Select the Windows Security app from the search results, go to Virus & threat protection, and under Virus & threat protection settings select Manage settings.
  3. Switch Real-time protection to Off.


How do I turn off defender forever?

You can access it by going to “Start -> Settings -> Privacy & security.” Select “Windows Security” or “Windows Defender,” depending on your version of Windows. In Windows 10, you’ll see an option to turn off different options.


Why can’t I turn off my real-time protection?

Windows will not let you turn off basic built-in protection from Defender and Firewall, unless another is installed in it’s place which should switch it off.


How do I disable Windows Defender in Windows 11?

Temporarily disable Defender in Windows 11

Type “Windows Security” and launch the found app. Select Virus & Threat protection. On the next page, go down to Virus & threat protection settings section and click Manage settings. On the next page, turn off the Real-time protection toggle option.