Move Taskbar Top Left-Right and Bottom in Windows PC

hi guys, in this post I gonna to show you How to Move Taskbar Top, Left, Right, and Bottom in Windows PC.

so there are two easy methods to move your taskbar anywhere on your screen

First Method – Using Taskbar Settings

So here the first method is just right click on your taskbar and then click on the taskbar settings. then here you will get the option about taskbar location on the screen.

from here you can choose any option where you want to keep your taskbar like a top, right, bottom, or left location.

Second Method – Drag and Drop the taskbar

you can choose another easy method is just right -click on your taskbar and then you will see an option lock the taskbar so inhere you can lock taskbar location by just clicking on it.

so for changing the taskbar location first, you need to unlock it

so go to taskbar then right -click just and click lock the taskbar to unlock.

now you need to just drag and drop

so Move your cursor to the taskbar and hold with left click on your mouse. now drag the taskbar to top , right, or left where you want to keep ad i the last drop

old drug and drop like this look at her okay so you can easily move when you unlock the top

okay after you do everything just log again you are a star sorry click on lock the talk spot that’s it

these are a really easy and basic to tell about Windows Chan so that’s the time for watching catch it next post please like share and subscribe.

Move Taskbar Top Left-Right and Bottom

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