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How to fix Windows 10 PC error

How to fix “LoadLibrary failed with error 126” in windows

if you are using  64 Windows systems: So Follow As describe Below


    1. First off all Go to Start menu then type command prompt and Run as administrator.


    1. Type following command:


    1. “copy atio6axx.dll .dll” and hit enter then Restart the PC. That’s it.



Fix – We Can’t find your camera Error Code 0xA00F4244 – 0xc00D36D5

How to fix Windows 10 PC error

if you try to access the camera in your windows 10 pc
it shows the following error message

We can’t find your camera-Error code 0xA00F4244(0xC00D36D5) in Windows 10
so let’s fix it.

so firstly go to start menu then type ” Control Panel”
then Click to Open Control Panel
Select small Icon

Click “Troubleshooting”
Click “View all” option
Double Click on “Windows Store apps”
Now you will see a new Windows in the pop-up
Select “Advanced”
Tick “Apply repairs automatically”
Click “Next”
Now you will see Troubleshooting start to Detect problems
Go to Run by Pressing Windows+R Key
type “regedit”
right click on it then select “Modify”
Set value as “0”
That’s it Restart Your PC.

Fix Error 0×00000709 | Operation Could Not be Completed

How to fix Windows 10 PC error

click on the start then type “regedit” and run as administrator

you receive a user account control
the window you’ll want to select yes

Expand “HkEY_CURRENT_USER > Software> Microsoft> Windows NT>Current user

then you see we have a Windows folder right here you want to right-click on this Windows folder and then left click on permissions underneath allow full control you want to make sure this box is checked marks right in here and then click on apply okay and now Restart your PC then attempt to set the default printer and hopefully your the problem has been resolved.

How to Fix Error 2503 and 2502 in Windows PC

 How to fix Windows 10 PC error

First of all, go to  Windows start and Search “this PC” then Select “computer” and nowhere Select hard disk you want to open up whatever your local disk

Now open Local Disk and in Local disk File list Select “windows” and double click on it

now you want to go down to “temp”

proceed to right click on it and then select properties

now you want a left on the security tab

depending on what version of Windows you’re running there might be an edit button –

you want a left click on that on Windows seven.

just says continue you want to select continue to see I put that out

there depending on the version of Windows your money might look a little bit different.

okay so you want to go down this list and you want to add or allow for all these so just click on this Add button so for each one of these you want to go down and select allow for all of them.

so just for full control, you want to go across and checkmark inside this box do the same for all of them.

here make sure there are checkmarks inside all of them here and then once you’ve done that you can select apply.

and if you receive a Windows security alert you want to click on yes and then click on OK to change your permission settings and then once you’ve done that you can click on OK to close out of the temp folder here.

and now attempt to do what you were doing beforehand.

I would recommend researching a computer first before that try and rerun what you were having the promise before.

and hopefully your prom has been resolved.

Fix – isdone.dll & unarc.dll Error When Installing Games

after clicking a setting window will appear in that window just move the slider of “Real-Time Protection” and turn it off”

now just close or minimize it!

Now install the Game and this time it won’t show error!

Now you can change the installation directory, language and other things as you want!

Compleated that’s it

turn on your antivirus or windows defender back to work…

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