How to Fix Windows 10 Activation Fail Error 0x803f7001, 0xC004F074

In this post, we learn how to fix Windows 10 activation file error.

So first thing you have to do go to start menu.

and type here CMD open the command prompt as administrator.

Now type here as lmg are spaz re8 am are now hit enter.

Now restart your PC this error will be fixed.

And this method will not work for you.

So another method go to start menu and type here re G.

ADI tea open this one now. F stand local machine now in here extend software.

Microsoft scroll down and now f stand Windows NT click on current version and here you will find product ID.

Just click right button of your mouse.

And click on modify.

Here in value data type product key, and if you don’t know product key go to Google and search Windows 10 default product key and just makecopy and paste here after that. Click on OK restart your PC.

And if these both matter will not work for you.

So the last one goes to the start menu.

And click on settings click on update and security now in here click on activation.

Click on change product key enter in here product key. If you don’t know go to Google and search Windows 10 default product key Mac copy and paste here.

So by this 3 method, you can fix activation fell error and still, you are facing the error. So you need to contact the Microsoft help center.

I hope you like this video. Thanks for watching this video.