how to edit hosts file in Windows 10 PC



how to edit hosts file in Windows 10 PC

In this Post, I gonna to show you on how to edit hosts file in Windows 10 PC.

So, without any further ado, let’s start.
in some situations, you have to block some websites or connections.
you don’t need to use any software or program on your Windows computer to block or test websites locally.

easily you can block any website by just editing the hosts file.

Here is how you can do it.

First of all, go to windows start then search for Notepad and run it as ‘Administrator’.

You can’t edit the hosts file without Administrative access.
When you have Notepad on the screen, go to ‘”File” then “Open” then “C drive”
then “Windows” then “System32” and in last “Drivers” in here you will see a file named “etc”.

when you click on etc file you first you will not see any file so you need to go to file type
As shown in this video, select the file type as ‘All Files.’

Choose ‘hosts’ file and select ‘Open.’
Now make changes as your requirement and select Save by moving to File then choose Save.
It is always recommended to flush the DNS if you edit hosts file in Windows computer.
That’s it for this quick post.
I hope you find this video useful.

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