How to Disable Screen Lock in Windows 10

How to Disable Screen Lock in Windows
Usually, we do not recommend using a strong password for any of your accounts or devices, but in some cases, you may not need to close your computer password if you are the only one who can access it, such as your personal computer at home.

In principle, if there is a lower probability of access to this device, we do not recommend that you disable or disable the screen lock in Windows 10, and do not forget that with Windows 10 you can use the four-digit entry code instead of writing a complex password for your account, which may cause you trouble if I needed to insert it a lot.

Disable Locking in PC Versions of Windows

If you make the decision to proceed, follow one of the following methods:

The first way

– Press the Windows + R button to open the Run window, type “netplwiz,” and then press OK.

You will see a list of registered users on this computer, select the user who wants to skip the lock screen when entering Windows from the list
Remove the tag from (Users must enter a username and password to use this computer)
– The User Accounts window will appear to control the user accounts of the device.
– Select your username, and then cancel the Users must enter a username and password to use this computer option.
– Then press OK to show you a window by typing the password and confirmation so that the device does not ask you again.
– After completing these steps, the device will not ask you for the password again, but you must also cancel the settings from the settings by pressing the Windows + I button and then go to Accounts and then Sign-in Options and under Require Sign-in will choose instead of when PC wakes up from sleep will choose Never.
The next time you reboot your computer or even after the process of Sleep will not ask you to log in again and of course if you need a password and protect your device do not hesitate to keep the password because this is most important of course the speed of the boot to Windows.
Click on OK and restart your computer. After restarting, you will find that the user will log on to Windows without writing the password

The second way

This method is suitable for Windows 10 for the computer if you put it in the standby mode instead of turning it off, and Windows 10 Mobile, but we do not recommend at all to disable the lock on your phone may not be able to retrieve or erase your data from your phone in case of theft or lost instead From this you can choose a longer period as we will explain through the explanation:

Watch a video to learn  How to Disable Screen Lock in Windows 10

Read Video Subtitle for easiness.

here another quick tutorial today I’m going to be showing you guys How to Disable Screen Lock in Windows 10

 how to disable the login screen after your
a computer has woken up from sleep in Windows 10

so basically we’re going to be complete bypassing the lock and sign-in screen once we use our mouse to resume activity on our computer

so or the keyboard doesn’t really matter but once we’re waking up from sleep you won’t
have to go through the process of inserting a password again so we’re going to start by heading over to the Start button and we’re going to left-click on that and then we’re going to left-click on settings left click on the accounting style on the
right side here left click on sign-in options

the first option underneath require sign-in if you’ve been away when should windows 10 require you to sign in again if you left to go in this little drop-down arrow we see there are a couple different options when PC wakes up from sleep this will means
we have to sign back in if we left click

on never it means we will not need to reinsert our pastor and technically we don’t have to sign in again so just to give you guys an example now that we

saved that setting there’s no save or apply Now button so you just safely close out of the settings window here and let’s say for example I power down and go to sleep

so let’s say I’m going out or something and I just want to suit
the computer for a little bit so I’m just going with the virtual machine just
stay here for a moment before I try to

wake it up from sleep hello so we just will go from the computer and we can see that we did not have to go through the login process so I hope this brief tutorial helped you guys out and I will catch you in the next video goodbye.