How to Delete Files and Folders in Windows 10


How do I completely delete files in Windows 10?
Delete files permanently in windows 10
  1. Turn on your computer. Browse to the file you wish to delete.
  2. Right click the file. Click “Delete”. Alternatively,left click the file and press the “Delete” button on your keyboard. …
  3. Click “Yes”. This will confirm the deletion by sending it to the Recycle bin.


How do I force delete a folder in Windows 10?
How to Force Delete File or Folder in Windows 10? – Quick Guide
  1. Open elevated Command Prompt in Windows 10.
  2. Type del + file path command, press Enter to force delete file.
  3. Type rmdir /s /q + folder directory, press Enter to force delete folder Windows 10.
How do I delete a folder in Windows?
Deleting or removing directories (rmdir command)
  1. To empty and remove a directory, type the following: rm mydir/* mydir/.* rmdir mydir. …
  2. To remove the /tmp/jones/demo/mydir directory and all the directories beneath it, type the following: cd /tmp rmdir -p jones/demo/mydir