How to Copy an ISO Image of Windows 10 to a USB Flash Drive


In today’s video, you will learn how to copy an ISO image of Windows 10 to a USB flash drive.
We are going to use an app called ‘Ultra ISO’. You can find a download link for this app in the description box down below.
Let’s go. Make sure the USB flash drive is in. Open the app. Choose ‘Continue to Try..’ in the new window. The app will open.
Click on ‘File’ and then ‘Open’. Choose the ISO file and click on ‘Open’. If you see the files and folders from ISO, you did it right. Click on ‘Bootable’ tab and choose ‘Write disk image’.
Choose your USB flash drive in the ‘Disk Drive’ option. Leave all of the other settings by default. Click on ‘Write’ and click ‘Yes’. The process will take some time. You will get ‘Burn successful’ notification in the ‘Message’ window.

Ultra ISO: