How to Check RAM Memory for Errors in Windows 10

Today, we will show you how to RAM memory for errors in Windows 10. Enjoy this short and easy tutorial. Go to Cortana search line and type “Windows memory Diagnostic”. Click on it at the top of the list. Go for “Restart now and check for problems”. The device will restart and check will begin. You can use “F1” key for the options. There are 3 types of checks: 1. Basic 2. Standard 3. Extended. I went for “Standard”, press “F10”. When the check is over, your laptop/PC will restart. You will see the check results after you log in to the system. If you do not see the results, go to Cortana search line, and type “Event viewer”, click on it. Look for the “Windows Logs” on the left side of the window. Click on “System”. Look for “Memory Diagnostics”, click on it to view the results.