How to Add Quick Contacts to the Start Menu in Windows 10

hello lately I’m going to back today
we’re going to talk about how to add
contacts the people app in Windows 10 so
we’re going to click on the start button
again here we’re looking for people if

you don’t see it you can go down in the
search and just type people and the
people app will show up so we’re going

to in left click that and we’re going to
be adding another contact we’re going
to click the plus name I’m going to say
John Smith
little thumb we’re going to put the tech
for one phone in here for 100s 7 8 o
– 9 3 9 3 personal email hi and we can

add a photo we’re not going to add a
photo right now ok so we’re just going
to say save and right now under our

settings and go down here we can change
the contact list display options and we
can also add accounts such as Google
iCloud exchange and Outlook so it really

is that simple folks we can delete this
the contact we don’t want it hi
and that’s that so this is a just been a

quick summary of the contacts app we
hope you find this information useful if
you do get an even thumbs up we really

appreciate that if you have any comments
questions or suggestions go ahead and do
so below the comments and thanks for