fix the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1.0.dll is missing error

hey what is up and welcome to a new
short fixing tutorial this time it’s
about the error messages concerning the
API – MS – VIN – CRT – runtime Wanda’s
and so on file
right off the bat there are two
different methods to fix this error one
is placing the file into a specific
folder and the other one is to install a
Microsoft package where all of the files
are installed itself however method 2 is
way easier for people who are not used
to do stuff like this so if you are new
to those things click here to get to
method number 2 but still both methods
are meant for Windows 10 87 and even
later so you should be covered so let’s
start dll files are used by various
games or programs and if one is missing
you can download it and then place it
into a specific folder to get rid of the
error first off open the browser and go
on to the website
STS – tutorial comm where you can
download that file you can click here
into that box or follow the link in the
description where you can also find the
whole guide in a text phone so now just
scroll a bit down and get to the
download section here you have to choose
between 32 and 64-bit versions of the
file to proceed you have to know if
you’re using a 32 or 64-bit windows and
if you don’t know check this out and
return to this point now to the 32-bit
windows users they only need to download
the 32-bit file and for the 64-bit users
you need to download both 32 and 64-bit
files once downloaded open the zip file
or files and navigate to your C Drive
with a new explorer window here access
the windows folder and scroll a bit down
to the folder system 32 and 6 y/o 64 so
now first again for the 32-bit users
copy/paste your extractor to dll file
into the folder system 32 and you are
done these 64 bit users need to pace the
64 bit version into system 32 and the 32
bit version into sis valve 64 and they
are also done and now finally you can
restart your PC
and then start the program again and the
problem should finally be solved in some
rare cases I saw that some programs are
still not finding the DLL file even if
it’s installed correctly in those cases
I would also recommend to try the method
number two found here just in case so
when this was then everything about the
file we were talking about I thank you
for watching and hope that you found
that you were looking for and maybe
someone of you is also having one of the
following errors so make sure to check
em out as always please leave your
opinion and the subscription and don’t
forget to never pay for something that
you can learn on YouTube