Fix Error “Location is Not Available” Desktop & Data Recovery

Fix Error “Location is Not Available” Desktop & Data Recovery

if you get this error message “location is not available”

that seems to indicate that the Desktop folder is missing or not accessible usually with all your personal files and shortcuts.

don’t worry Let’s fix it in just one minute.

first of all, go to the  Windows Explorer by searching in the start menu or just Press Windows Key + R

When you have File Explorer on the screen,

Go to “C drive” then Windows then “System32” then “userprofile”

now create a new folder and name it the desktop with the uppercase D and finally restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

I hope Now you can see the problem is solved and you will get all your files and shortcuts back.

I would also recommend running check disk just in case of corrupted files you have. so go to c drive and right – click on it now go to tool then click on the scan.

that’s it.

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